Welcome to LC Internet Marketing


Welcome to LC Internet Marketing.  Again, my name is Linda and I have been in the affiliate and internet marketing industry for quite some time.

I am building this site for many reasons.  I hope to make it a venue for many different aspects that affect the industry, as well as provide the effect that this industry can have on us humans.Here are some things that I hope will matter:

  • A venue for the marketer to be able to vent
  • A place where we all can talk about product do’s and don’ts
  • A vendor who is looking for an affiliate who fits their niche
  • Where we can talk about a product without feeling greedy/ someone steals your ideas!

As for the last bullet point, what I mean is that there are a kazillion products to promote and that there should be no one who is so greedy that they feel like they just can’t share the wealth!

I will be posting links on here to guide all who are scratching their heads and wondering just where to go to, to find the products to become affiliated with and therefore setting up their own websites, like this one maybe, and get started with their internet marketing.

Let’s face it, this is the most amazing way to earn an income and stay home in your pj’s all day.

A word of caution:  Please do your homework and do your research.