Educating Our Thoughts About Spam

I believe that the number one thing that most affiliate marketers would agree upon is that when someone is looking for a particular product to promote and generate leads to bring it to the future affiliates, the best way is to offer them information through various forms.

So in saying that, my advice would be to either not sign up on the presented form (which by the way is a great way to build your list of potential customers or to help guide them to the product) or if you do sign up and you simply unsubscribe, which will stop further emails from coming to your doorstep.

There are tons of spammers out there, I do believe that in order for it to be called spam, one would have to continuously receive e-mails every day if not three or four times a day (trust me I get this kind of e-mail a lot!)

What do I d?  I simply delete them, most of time they show up in my spam folder or my junk mail folder.

Affiliate marketing is a tough game and it takes a good honest person to realize that it is a business and should be ran as such and that my dear friends is exactly why LC Internet Marketing is set up the way it is.

Always do your home work before agreeing to anything and beware of those so called gurus who make dollar signs float in your eyes.

We can not nor do not make any such promises.

Here is to your success everyone and I would love to hear your feed back.

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